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What did the life of Finnish factory town workers look like in the 20th century? Step into a cooperative shop and explore an old community hall!

Our Town is an exhibition that explores the development of civil society and communality in Finland.

At the exhibition, you can visit an old cooperative shop and savings bank. The exhibition also displays a museum printing press, where you can find volunteer printers using printing machines.

The scale model of the Pispala district and the apartment of a working-class family illustrate the cramped living conditions of the working population, while the different working environments featuring varied occupational roles, from a laundrywoman to a fuel boy, illustrate the change in working life.

The exhibition also features a community hall, where you can find red flags of labour movement associations hanging from the ceiling, depicting diverse civic engagement. The community hall also exudes a festive atmosphere with its stage and dance floor, which indicate that the space has also seen a lot of parties and celebrations!