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What job would you have if you could do anything at all?

What sort of work is meaningful in times of environmental crisis?

Searching for a job? was a contemporary art project that sought out individuals wanting to apply for their dream job. During the spring of 2020, applicants were able to submit a job proposal describing their dream job using an online form. A total of 2,574 job proposals were submitted during the project, and eight jobs were chosen to be performed. The jobs were performed between autumn 2020 and summer 2021, and the work was documented visually and in writing.

Searching for a job? exhibition showcases the documented material on the jobs performed. The material includes videos, sound clips and texts, as well as a book compiled from the application material.

An experimental Employment Office was also established as part of the exhibition, inviting people to rethink and redefine the concept of work.

Working group:

Juhani Haukka, Iines Korhonen, Visa Knuuttila, Lauri Antti Mattila, Sari Paljakka, Menni Renvall, Oula Rytkönen and Pilvi Tyrväinen


Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Live Art Society, Circus Maximus, Poesia

Funding: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Center Taike